We choose furniture for the hall

Today, you can find many ideas for decorating a hallway. And there are no limits to perfection. From this article you will learn about the fundamental principles by which hallway furniture is selected.

Room dimensions

This is the main criterion for choosing a furniture interior. It is clear that large furniture will not fit in a narrow hallway or will not leave the minimum necessary space. In this case, it is advisable to buy furniture for the hall consisting of separate items. This usually includes a wardrobe, a mirror, hangers, hat racks, a shoe cabinet and a chest of drawers. Another condition is a place to sit (an ottoman, a bench, a chair, etc.). A very good option is the furniture set for the hall, which resembles the wall in the living room, but at the same time equipped with hooks for outerwear. You can buy hall furniture from us as a set or from several elements. A spacious hallway implies a great acceleration for the imagination. Therefore, a spacious wardrobe becomes a priority element, which completely solves the problem of storing clothes and other items in the hallway. Thanks to the sliding doors, free space is significantly saved. In addition, a large number of shelves allows you to place clothes, hats and shoes not only in one place, but in an orderly way. Today, you can order a wardrobe with mirrored doors, which eliminates the need to think about the space for the mirror (it is possible to make a full-length mirror). The mirror creates a visual effect of expanding the space.

Colors and lighting

When choosing a range of colors for the hall, you must remember that the color has a decisive effect on creating the visual effect of expanding or shrinking the space and also changing the proportions of the room. In particular, cold and pastel colors of the interior contribute to the visible expansion of the space, while bright and warm colors lead to its visual contraction. Accordingly, for small hallways you should choose hallway furniture made in shades of light gray, steel and similar. But for larger rooms you can think of something brighter and more playful.

The chosen lighting system also plays a very important role. Thanks to the well-thought-out option, you can easily look in the mirror, and with the help of side lamps you can immediately find the desired clothes in the wardrobe (by the way, a wide selection of side lamps makes it possible to vary the interior).

The materials used in the manufacture of furniture

Currently, there is a wide variety of furniture materials on the market, including chipboard, MDF and many others. Their main advantage is the relatively low cost. But that’s where all their advantages end. Neither in terms of resistance, nor in terms of hygienic qualities, nor in terms of visual appearance, these materials can compete with natural wood hall furniture. This type of furniture is characterized by high resistance and is designed for significant mechanical loads. This is one of the basic conditions for the functionality of hallway furniture.

And the best option, which 100% fulfills the wishes of the buyer, is undoubtedly the custom-made furniture for the hall, thanks to which any room can be both stylish and comfortable.