The corner wall in the living room: an elegant and functional solution

An extraordinary option, but very effective

This, of course, is the corner wall in the living room, which allows you to solve a number of problems at once. The eccentricity is that, as a rule, in living rooms, they choose the classic version of the wall or furniture in a modern style, but at the same time it is located exclusively along one wall. Corners are selected for the nursery, for the kitchen, where the formation of a functional space comes to the fore. Many people think that the living room is not a place for such a wall. This is not true at all. The angular option not only makes it possible to maximize the use of space, but thanks to correctly selected solutions, it looks very stylish and creates the necessary comfort. Today it is not a problem to buy a corner wall, which in terms of presentability is in no way inferior to other style solutions.

Unlimited functionality

The main advantage of corner walls is their functionality, which is crucial in small living rooms. This furniture solves a number of problems, including:

  • how without compromising the space to place an additional wardrobe;
  • placing a TV, a music center and other equipment;
  • book placement;
  • installing a corner cabinet and a number of others.

Separately, it should be noted that the corner wall, photo options that prove its presentability and functionality, allow you to zone the space. To do this, as a rule, I use a rack, which is placed transversely in the center of one of the walls, and the main modules move away from it to the sides. Another option for dividing space is to install a wardrobe with frosted glass doors (this option is used in studios).

Equally important is the possibility of forming a working space in the living room, which with the classic version of the wall will not be as elegant and efficient.

The main advantages of corner walls

These undoubtedly include:

  • high functionality;
  • compactness;
  • decent ability;
  • fit inside;
  • space expansion;
  • filling the corners of the living room;
  • creation of multifunctional space, etc.

Today you can buy a finished version of a corner wall or order it (in the second case, of course, it will be more functional for a particular customer, because it takes into account all his wishes, including the parameters of the room in which the wall is installed). But ready-made corner structures have their advantages. First of all, they cost a little cheaper and at the same time have good functionality, because they take into account the needs of the main categories of consumers. In any case, its price is fully justified.

A few tips for installing a corner wall in the living room

First, we need a special approach that takes into account both the appearance and the structural component.

If the room has a rectangular shape, then the shorter part of the wall is best placed along the long wall. The problems of windows and doors are solved by using facades of different heights and widths.

In terms of color, a small wall should contrast with the walls. And vice versa, if the wall is massive, in which a large number of elements are provided, it should merge with the wall in color.

The lower part should be darker, and the upper part should be lighter in color (this will visually give more light and space). Another option to give more light to the room will be the use of translucent glass facades in the wall.

Be that as it may, the corner wall allows you to solve the problem of space in the room, without prejudice to the chosen style.