Interior design styles in 2021: Hi-tech, Scandinavian, loft and Eco Style

Interior design trends in 2021 are characterized by functionality and have a certain conception. There was an interest in everything natural, nude shades, strict and smooth lines. Bamboo installations, fabric lamps, Roman linen curtains are placed inside. More often they began to procure furniture to order according to exclusive plans. Also, more attention is paid to the lighting. Large windows, LED lamps and various additional lighting are installed.

Due to new preferences, the most requested styles have become Scandinavian, Eco, loft and Hi-tech.

Characteristic features of the Scandinavian style

The character of the interior reflects the Nordic character of the Scandinavians: they have equanimity, severity, indifference to luxury. Therefore, the Scandinavian style is mainly characterized by naturalness, convenience, functionality and brevity.

The color palette is dominated by shades that add light and enlarge the space: shades of sand, pearl gray, cream, light green, snow white and others. Decorating spaces in the Scandinavian style is accessible to everyone, regardless of the size of the room. You can buy custom-made furniture that will be made in accordance with the design of the home.

Peculiarities of the loft style

The loft style was born in the forties of the last century, when deserted industrial buildings were offered for living. To transform these huge spaces into apartments, a lot had to be changed. But the main features of the original building remained unchanged: · Masonry / concrete wall in its original form. At the same time, the walls can be covered with wallpaper, imitating brick or concrete. · Pipes, wires are visible. Some metal constructions are not hidden, turning into decorative elements. · There are no partitions between the rooms. The apartment is zoned using partitions, shelves and other elements. · Panoramic windows, horizontally elongated. There are no curtains of any kind. Only metal blinds and grids are used. · It is possible to use new technologies in the necessary amount. · The color palette includes red, terracotta, black, gray, white. Sometimes bright accents prevail.

For example, the apartment has two floors, and the bathroom is on the second floor.

To create a loft-style interior, you can buy custom-made furniture. The restrained laconic design of the furniture has an atmosphere of efficiency and tranquility.

Peculiarities of Hi-Tech style

The interior in this style looks minimalistic, modern and unique. Hi-tech was influenced by the urban style that emphasizes the cold simplicity of buildings. Therefore, the signs of urban design appeared in the decoration of apartments. The high-tech style is characterized by the following distinctive features: · simplicity, minimalism, ergonomics, functionality; · spatial zoning with glass or plastic partitions, aquariums, furniture; · the use of technologies innovative;· geometric rigor and efficient design;· the presence of chrome, glass, metal surfaces, shiny details, multi-level ceilings and floors;· the design is well thought out, there are no unnecessary elements;· the color range is monochromatic, shades are used monochrome;· the presence of chandeliers, sconces, unusual futuristic lights.

At the moment, custom-made furniture in the high-tech style is considered to be in great demand and corresponds to the lifestyle of a modern person.

Characteristics of ecological style

This style offers the highest degree of respect for the environment and the use of natural fabrics, furniture, etc. Eco-design perfectly combines the design of the apartment with the surrounding nature. In such a home you can understand the advantages of nature and rest from the hustle and bustle of the city. The main characteristics of the ecological style are: · materials: glass, wood, clay, natural fabrics, stone;· characteristic colors: beige, white, pastel shades of green, grassy, ​​blue, brown;· atmosphere of nature, abundant lighting;· abundance of indoor plants: vertical gardens, winter gardens, mini gardens.

Custom-made furniture must be made of solid natural wood. This will give the room an amazing smell of wood and forest.

Popular styles with a touch of minimalism and functionality, a rejection of overconsumption have gained confidence around the world. People appreciated this trend and it came into vogue.