How to choose the right kitchen furniture. 5 main recommendations

Comfort is the primary factor

Without a doubt, this criterion plays an important role. Everything should be as comfortable as possible, so that the furniture, kitchen table and other necessary items can be easily placed in the kitchen. So, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the number of cabinets, their types and sizes. In this regard, the placement of the cabinets depends on the location of the sink, stove and refrigerator. The distance between the sink and the stove must be at least one meter.

Also, take into account the place where the feast will be held. Due to the space footage, there are various options today, including the island table (if space allows). If you choose a standard version of a table with chairs, then they should be in harmony with other pieces of kitchen furniture in terms of color and style.

If we talk about ergonomics, this criterion is characteristic of modular furniture, which can be easily ordered today in Chisinau.

Color palette for kitchen furniture Today, there are several color options. But the main thing here is that they must coincide with the color of the floor and walls. Since you first make repairs and then select furniture, then the color should be chosen according to the existing conditions. On the other hand, there is always the possibility to create a special color scheme by playing a little with the colors, adding different shades. And there is also an option for the color of the furniture, which contrasts with the finish of the kitchen.

The quality of the furniture is the most important criterion

First of all, this means quality materials and construction. It is clearly not worth saving, because kitchen furniture is bought for a long time. The same countertop must be resistant to both moisture and high temperatures, as well as aggressive detergents (this is natural, because after cooking it must be washed with different detergents, and in some cases special agents are required). You can choose a natural or artificial stone for it. Or another option — chipboard or MDF (more budget variants, but at the same time of high quality). When choosing cabinets, take into account the waterproof coating, as well as the convenience of cleaning (in this regard, a perfect option is a kitchen made of MDF).


Today, there are various lighting methods, including additional ones (the same LED lamps), and in this regard, cabinets with lighting look advantageous. There is also the possibility of separate lighting of the work area.

Furniture safety

This refers not only to the strength and quality of the construction itself, but primarily to the safety of the material from which the kitchen furniture is made. And, of course, we are talking about the quality of the cabinets here. In this regard, it is advantageous to buy custom kitchen furniture, as you can choose your preferred material and track the quality of the work done at every stage. How to make kitchen furniture meet all these principles? Of course, you can conduct an active search, but the best option would be to purchase custom kitchen furniture. This allows you to correctly calculate the space to the nearest centimeter, and a photo of custom kitchen furniture confirms this. Everything is in the hands of the customer, who, taking into account the footage and his wishes, can make his dream come true.