Top 5 mistakes in choosing furniture

Top five mistakes? It should be noted that the answer to this question will always be relative, since you can highlight blunders both in terms of size and in terms of the chosen style, colors, functionality, etc. And all this can have an extremely negative effect on the overall appearance of the room and the ease of use of the furniture. Therefore, it is better to rely on the frequency of occurrence of problems.

Error no. 1 — preliminary measurements, carried out incorrectly It is clear that before purchasing a sofa, wardrobe, armchair, kitchen set, etc. you need to take necessary meticulous measurements of the room to later compare them with the dimensions of the furniture. Everything seems to be clear. But in practice, many people determine the dimensions “by eye”, and as a result, it happens that the sofa does not fit in a chosen place, the wardrobe cannot be placed along the wall, or it becomes such that there is catastrophically little free space, etc. . The saying “measure seven times, cut once” is very relevant in this case. And as for small-sized cars, where you need to carefully measure every millimeter – in the near future this problem will not have a solution at all.

Error no. 2 — procurement of furniture before completion of the repair

Starting repair work in an apartment or planning a move, many slowly begin to choose new furniture. To plan for the future is a job, but to buy the furniture before the repair – the fact that presents a big mistake. For example, a presentable and comfortable sofa that looked great in the store, when it was installed in a repaired living room, it no longer looks like that, and it is not possible to use it to the maximum. In addition, until the interior is completed, it is almost impossible to imagine how a piece of furniture will look in a new space. And as a result of a hasty purchase, a stylish entrance hall will not look profitable. Without just and perhaps, after the repair carried out in the apartment, the parameters of the spaces could change.

Error no. 3 – unsuitable color of the furniture

The impression that remains after visiting the furniture store can be misleading. The furniture looks presentable there, but when it is installed in a house, it will no longer look like that, taking into account a different interior. In this regard, it would be a good idea to take the fabric samples from the store, come home and try to compare them with the design in your home.

Another mistake regarding the color of the furniture is the inconsistency of the furniture with the dimensions and parameters of the room. So, if the room is small and there is little natural light in it, then furniture made in dark colors will not only not look presentable, but also visually narrow the space.

We can also mention the common stereotype about white inexpediency (cold, impractical, etc.). And meanwhile, in small rooms this color allows you to solve the problems of presentability and visual expansion of space.

Error no. 4 — unverified quality The problem is not about the manufacturer, but mostly about the quality of each specific item that has not been tested for durability. And as a result, it turns out that the sofa is fragile, the hinges of the cabinet are not fixed enough, the rollers of the sliding door of the cabinet do not move properly, etc.

Error no. 5 – insufficient functionality

It happens when all things are well placed in an apartment, and the same wardrobe in the living room is designed to ensure the presentability and style of the room. You are supposed to store a wide range of items in this wardrobe, and the purchased piece of furniture does not fulfill this mission, being very small – a real problem. Thus, before buying furniture, you should definitely determine its functional purpose. Otherwise, you will be purchasing a useless piece of furniture.

As previously mentioned, these errors are far from the last. And in each case, they must be solved, taking into account the specific room. How to avoid them? You can follow the basic rules of furnishing an apartment with furniture, you can maintain a certain style, but the best solution in this regard would be to make it to order. And not only because it will exactly fulfill the wishes of the client. Specialists fulfilling the order will always be able to advise the client and make the necessary adjustments in time.