Sliding wardrobe: the ideal solution for a small room

Some selection rules

The excellent qualities of this type of cabinets are known to everyone. As well as the fact that it offers almost unlimited possibilities to form the most convenient way in the space of the room, kitchen or hall. And yet, there are certain shades with which you can choose the best wardrobe with options. These include:

  • a way to open the doors (hinged, sliding, combined doors);
  • the presence of mezzanines;
  • the option of incorporating the cabinet;
  • the presence of additional shelves;
  • hangers for hangers;
  • hardware quality;
  • color range.

Of course, it is important who the manufacturer is. Today in Chisinau you can order a high-quality functional wardrobe at an affordable price.

Options for small rooms

Much here depends not only on the size, but also on the configuration of the room. So, for a small square meter room or with a corner space, a small built-in wardrobe is perfect. Its convenience lies, first of all, in the independent selection of depth. The doors run on rails (wheels), so opening them is no problem. Door width of at least 80 cm.

For elongated rooms with a small material, it is recommended to choose a narrow wardrobe.

According to the method of opening the cabinets are divided into cabinet and built-in. Both can be made to order (the price for them depends on many factors).

The wardrobe units are positively characterized by their mobility, as they can be easily rearranged in one room, transferred to another or taken with you on the move. In terms of capacity, they are inferior to built-in ones. The latter in all cases are made to order (taking into account the specific premises), given that the advantage is obvious — all the wishes of the customer will be fulfilled. They have a high usable area (floor to ceiling). And minus one: he, let’s say, “grows together” with the room, it is practically impossible to transfer it to another room. Generally, the choice is left to the customer. In any case, these cabinets allow you to choose the dimensions, internal content, body color, mirror (or without it), model, decoration, etc. That is, for a small room, the optimal solution will always be found.

Cabinet filling options

Here, of course, everything depends on the wishes of a particular client. But if you consider the basic rules of cabinet functionality, it is recommended to pay attention to the following points:

  • the height of the compartment where the bar for outerwear will be installed is best left up to 170 cm;
  • 130 cm is enough for hanging trousers;
  • there is an option to stack the rods on top of each other;
  • it is better to leave the top shelf for storing blankets and pillows;
  • leave a space under the ceiling for bags and suitcases;
  • Allocate the lower niche for shoe storage;
  • the shelves for clothes must be extended;
  • it is advisable to organize boxes for storing everyday clothes and underwear at hand level (so that it is convenient to reach);
  • inside, you can arrange baskets, containers and boxes for convenience;
  • fixings must be made of metal to make the cabinet last longer.

A wardrobe, photos of different models that can be seen on this site, also makes it possible to arrange a dressing room not only in the room or in the hallway, but also on the balcony (for example, if you go out on the balcony from bedroom). But that is a topic for another discussion.