Sliding wardrobe: not only a wardrobe, but also a mirror full of action

The advantages of wardrobes equipped with mirrors

Modifications of sliding wardrobes are constantly changing, new models are introduced, but those in which mirrors are present continue to be one of the most sought after by consumers. First of all, because thanks to the mirrored doors, it is not necessary to determine a place for a mirror in the hall, to puzzle over how to sit in it (especially if it is small in size). And secondly, this is an excellent option to give even more presentability to the interior of the room. The fact is that mirrored doors, if the design is properly planned, become a landmark, without which it is impossible to imagine a general view. Not to mention the chic that mirrors bring with their appearance.

Closet with mirror in the hall

In this regard, sliding wardrobes with mirrored doors, which you can easily buy in Chisinau, remain at the top of users’ preferences.

In addition, their advantages should be considered:

  • creating with the help of mirrors the effect of an additional volume;
  • giving the design lightness and refinement;
  • using the mirror for the intended purpose;
  • strength not inferior to other materials (first of all, we are talking about triplex, which is made of tempered glass);
  • various options for decorating mirrors (tinting, stained glass, melting, laser engraving, sandblasting or photo printing);
  • lack of deformation of the mirrors (there will be no pipes or bends);
  • care for mirrors without problems (it is easy to wash it) etc.

Price criteria for mirrors for sliding wardrobes

Sliding wardrobe in a bedroom

If we talk about the costs of this type of wardrobe, the prices can vary significantly. The main parameters on which the cost of a sliding wardrobe depends, the doors of which are made in the form of mirrors, are:

  • the thickness of the mirror, between 4 and 10 mm (a thinner mirror is cheaper than an analogue with a greater thickness);
  • the technology used to process the mirrors (the most expensive is the laser engraving technique; stained glass windows are roughly in the same price range);
  • the degree of complexity of the applied design (the most expensive in this regard are the vintage image, as well as an unusual shape in its shape, which are significantly more expensive than the standard image);
  • the shape of the mirror used (in this regard, the non-standard shape of the mirror is about twice as expensive as the usual one of all oval mirrors);
  • the nature of the connection of the parts (in particular, if fasteners are not used, then a sliding wardrobe with such a mirror will be somewhat more expensive);
  • the presence of a protective layer for the mirror (if available, a cabinet will be more expensive) and others.

Today in Chisinau you can order a wardrobe with various types of mirrors. The question remains only to choose the option that is most suitable for the interior of the corresponding premises. A variety of sliding wardrobes with mirrored doors, the photo of which proves many options for installing mirrors, offers literally unlimited possibilities for decorating the facade of a sliding wardrobe, while the wardrobes not only fit into the chosen interior style, but become one of its parts central.