Office meeting tables: what you need to know about them

Main factors influencing the choice of this table

First of all, you should decide for which events you should order a table for negotiations: for holding weekly meetings, for meetings at the highest corporate level, for negotiations with partners, etc. And already on this basis, other factors are determined, including:

  • shape (round, rectangular, U-shaped, T-shaped, etc.);
  • design (stationary, foldable, modular);
  • the material from which the table is made;
  • the price of the meal;
  • dimensions and others.

It must be said that one part of the requirements is of a specific nature, as it refers to this particular category of tables, while the other is quite applicable to other tables installed in offices.

Size and shape of tables

Speaking of the size of the conference tables, it is necessary to build where they will be installed. For example, if the table is located directly in the office of the manager, who also has a personal desktop, it can be designed for 5-7 people (since the space in most cases does not allow to place a more massive table). And another thing, if it is installed in a separate meeting room (in this case, the size of the table can be designed for 9 or more people). Be it possible, the main condition is the size of the room.

The shape of the table often determines its purpose. The most popular option is the round shape, because:

  • allows you to place more people at the table;
  • characterized by ergonomics;
  • and, importantly, it speaks about the equal status of all participants (in negotiations with business partners, this condition must be met in all cases).

In a sense, an alternative to round negotiating tables can be rectangular tables that allow delegations to sit next to each other. Convenience is also due to the fact that the negotiators sit close together, not separated by a large space.

If the negotiation process is due to the presence of leadership leading the work, then you can stop at tables with a P or T shape, allowing you to separate the leader from other people involved in the work.

In Chisinau, you can easily buy an office meeting table that meets any stated requirements or you can order the manufacture of such a table.

Materials and colors in this table category

The material of the meeting table and its color performance depend on the general style of the room, its purpose, as well as the design of other office furniture items. For example, to emphasize the level of negotiations and the high status of the company, you can order a table made of natural wood or tempered glass. And for company meetings (the same planning meetings), you can choose a melamine table.

Some specific requirements for meeting tables

First of all, they should not have cabinets, drawers and other objects that improve the functionality of the desktop and, as a rule, are included in the office set. And this is due to the fact that the negotiation table is intended exclusively for this purpose, and the participant should not be distracted from the process.

Its coating must be strong and wear-resistant so that it retains its presentable appearance.

And thirdly, such tables are often equipped with sockets and plugs to be able to connect equipment during negotiations.

Today Office meeting tables, offer a wide range of access, can provide a wide variety of customer requests.