Custom-made furniture: the possibility of unlimited choice

Why not everyone chooses custom furniture yet First of all, when the question of choosing furniture arises, supporters of the traditional approach point out that this type of furniture is more expensive than mass-produced furniture. Yes, they are still right, but at the same time, a number of other advantages more than cover the costs. And by the way, today the process of individual production has advanced so far that, in many cases, the price of custom-made furniture does not exceed the factory price. In addition, the client, based on his capabilities, can form the price himself, and the option that initially seemed expensive can later become budget. You can order from us any suitable piece of furniture for the price.

It is noted that the production process takes time. It really takes time to make custom furniture. But in this case, we’re not talking about ordering a cake or a pizza. Furniture is bought less often and, as a rule, this purchase is planned. So this criterion does not present an argument here. In addition, upon acceptance of an order for furniture, our studio immediately begins work, and the furniture is delivered to the customer as soon as possible.

Numerous benefits that go beyond uniqueness When talking about custom furniture, many people notice a unique character, that no one else has such furniture. This is well known, but the advantages of this type of furniture are far from being limited only to originality. What it is?

Superior functionality

Today, this criterion is one of the fundamental ones in the choice of furniture, and therefore all manufacturers emphasize the functionality of furniture items. But the fact is that in the process of mass production, factories are guided by the basic needs of customers, releasing furniture that, according to this criterion, suits most of them. Here too, custom furniture will be made exactly as a particular customer wants to see it. And a mass producer can hardly argue with this.

For any interior style

This is its special charm. You can independently choose the style of furniture (and if difficulties arise in this regard, our experts will help you do this) and color palette. As a result, the design will look great in the already made interior of the room, and the customer will no longer have to worry about how to integrate the furniture into the interior.

Quality that is formed by the customer himself

The customer himself has the right to choose the material that will be used in the manufacture of the kitchen set, wardrobe, hall, coffee table and other pieces of furniture. In this sense, he chooses independently: species of wood or other material (PAL, plastic, glass, etc.); upholstery fabrics; type of veneer; so on; accessories etc. Thus, he himself forms both the quality and the price of the furniture (the more expensive the material, the more expensive the furniture will be and vice versa).

Maximum accounting for every centimeter of surface

This criterion is extremely important for standard apartments and especially for small ones. For example, by ordering a kitchen set for a kitchen in a Khrushchev-era apartment or other small apartment, you can not only make the most of the space, but also make it comfortable and attractive. Standard furniture, in any case, is not able to take into account all the nuances of the kitchen. Or make a spacious, but not very large hallway in a narrow corridor. And for more spacious apartments, this criterion is important today. In general, the advantages of custom furniture, which you can buy today without problems in Chisinau, are more than enough. But the main thing is freedom of choice and a solution for any room.