Chairs for the kitchen: the shades of your choice

As a rule, when equipping a kitchen, the first thing they choose is a headset, a table, a gas stove, a refrigerator, to watch how the kitchen apron will look, etc. And the choice of seats often fades into the background. And meanwhile, there are also a lot of nuances here, which will be discussed in this article.

The most popular chair material

Today you can order furniture in Chisinau, including kitchen chairs that meet the most demanding tastes and requirements. They are made of various materials, but despite everything, the most popular are wooden and metal chairs. Both have both advantages and, in a sense, disadvantages.

Tree — unfounded classic

Fashions come and go, styles replace each other, but wooden chairs will always be in trend. They have more than enough advantages, the main of which are:

  • the grace of forms;
  • reasonable price;
  • a large selection of styling;
  • variety of colors;
  • durability;
  • friendship with the environment;
  • aesthetically pleasing upholstery.

All this makes this bespoke furniture as attractive as it is original.

Conditional minuses include:

  • massive chairs;
  • not the best option for a small kitchen;
  • are difficult to lift and move.

Metal chairs — comfort and modern style

These chairs fit perfectly into the design of a modern kitchen interior. Furniture manufacturing offers a large number of models of chairs for the kitchen, the main advantages of which are:

  • high degree of resistance (resists up to 150 kg);
  • excellent value for money;
  • resistance to aggressive substances and extreme temperatures;
  • simplicity of leaving;
  • long period of use (it does not lose its qualities for many years);
  • excellent resistance to wear (do not loosen or crack);
  • not afraid of pollution;
  • options for folding and folding seats;
  • ability to control height and angle;
  • combined with a plastic and leather seat or back.

These chairs are ideal for small kitchens, they make the atmosphere more diverse, the space becomes visually brighter.

If we talk about deficiencies (of course, conditionally), then we can note the following:

  • fabric upholstery easily absorbs odors;
  • is forced in time;
  • they are slightly less comfortable than wooden chairs;
  • they are not suitable for both classic style and eco-style kitchen;
  • metal feet can scratch the floor.

But in general, this is a modern and convenient option for kitchen furniture.

What to look for when choosing kitchen chairs

Today, various models of chairs are offered, affordable prices for them, in connection with which you need to know the criteria by which you can determine which chairs are suitable for your kitchen. In particular, attention should be paid to:

  • The height of the seat. The most suitable for a person is a height of 40-45 cm. For a child, if the height is insufficient, you can put a pillow.
  • Width. A person should feel comfortable sitting in a chair. The recommended width is 50 cm (suitable for everyone).
  • The presence of a back (it is more comfortable to sit on such a chair and it looks more elegant);
  • Regardless of whether the chair is hard or soft;
  • Upholstery. It must be checked whether it is resistant and does not absorb dirt.

An inexperienced person can easily get lost in the abundance of offers on the market. And if the client has not yet decided on the choice or if he does not fully understand some of the nuances, call us and our consultants will help you make a choice and choose the most suitable option for the client.